Tallybox in-store controls

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Located on the rear panel of the Tallybox, you can quickly see how many people are inside the store and edit key needs such as the maximum amount of people allowed in to the store, or even the current number of people in the store should there have been a miscount.

Tallybox online controls

Tallybox has a fantastic online suite to help you both control Tallybox and also understand what is happening inside your store at any time. Along with it, you get an excellent set of resources such as analytics and data driven stats to help you understand how your store is performing.

Use your own branding and run a set of rolling adverts for products available in your store. Tallybox is much more than a door counter. It’s a sophisticated machine which will improve the way people interact with your store and your products.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Tallybox do, exactly?

Tallybox is an automated smart electronic door counter. With Tallybox at the door guests are greeted with a green entrance sign and are welcomed in to your store, once the store reaches the maximum capacity you have set, guests are asked to wait at the door until space becomes available again.

Your Tallybox can cover multiple doors and counts people moving both directions at each door to ensure an accurate count.
If you’d like to see a Tallybox in action click here.

What do I get when I rent a Tallybox?

You will get a Tallybox cabinet ready to place in your store doorway. Set up takes literally minutes and you’ll be on your way!

You also get:

•Customer support
•Free parts and replacements should anything break
•An online portal to view what your device is doing
•An online system to control your Tallybox from anywhere
•Online statistics about how many people are in your store
•Online advertising and branding platform to display custom store ads on your Tallybox while guests wait.

What are the dimensions?

Each Tallybox  cabinet is 5’2 Tall x 1′ 3 Deep x 2′ Wide (feet). It stands alone, unsupported with a single plug to run the whole system.

Can I add my own branding and advertisements?


Tallybox comes complete with an online suite to help you upload your own branding and adverts to your Tallybox.

Choose how long which ad displays for and configure your Tallybox to help customers find the right products as they pass by the door.

To see all the features of your Tallybox please click here.

What if my store reaches capacity?

Tallybox is smart. Your Tallybox will display a red “please wait” screen while your store is at maximum capacity.

Once Tallybox senses someone has left your store, the screen will return to green and a notification sound will play to notify anyone waiting at the door that space has become available.

Tallybox is tried and tested and has lots of smart features to ensure your store is always at capacity but never over it. Should your store go over capacity, Tallybox will beep to notify the person entering that they should return and wait, though, if they don’t your Tallybox will count them and keep those at the door waiting until a genuine space becomes available.

To see all the features of your Tallybox please click here.

What if someone walks out the in or in the out entrance?

Tallybox is smart. Your Tallybox knows which way your guests are walking and through which door.

For example, if someone walks in the exit Tallybox knows and will add that guest to the count to help ensure your doorway count is as accurate as possible!

To see all the features of your Tallybox please click here.

How do I set up my Tallybox?

Setting up Tallybox is simple.

Simply decide the maximum capacity of your store and save the number in your settings. That’s it, Tallybox is ready to get to work!

You can later connect Tallybox to the internet to control your box anywhere you go and receive real time information about the statistics of your store such as how many people are inside and how many people have entered so far today among other useful analytics!

There are lots more options and settings to have fun with including creating custom adverts for products in your store, adding your store branding and setting Tallybox to auto close your store show your store hours!

If you’d like to see a Tallybox in action click here.

Is self installation easy?


If the cabinet system doesn’t work for your doorway, that’s no problem!

The sensor boxes and computer box are modular and are easily connected together without a cabinet, allowing you to place sensors at multiple doorways (max 2 doorways)

Tallybox requires 4 cables in total. If you have plugged in a DVD player, an internet router or a sound system at home, you should have the technical ability to connect your Tallybox without issue.

Tallybox has clearly marked ports for each cable and no two cables can be plugged in to the wrong ports.

Should self installation make you feel uncomfortable, we can Send an Installer

You can see more on how this works here.


Does Tallybox work in all doorways?

In short, yes.

Tallybox can come fully assembled which works in most use-cases though, we understand every store is different and your entrance layout may make the complete setup un-ideal, in which case the self install package is going to be the better option.

See Which Tallybox is right for you.

Is Tallybox 100% accurate?

In short, no.

Tallybox is very smart and the sensors know the difference between a walker and a human or a walking stick.

On occasion however it is possible for some objects or items to trigger the sensors twice.

Depending on your store setup we are able to mitigate a large percentage of this with a few questions as you order and we will custom make your Tallybox to bring you the most accurate count possible.

Tallybox is as accurate as most human counters and had a miscount rate of under 2% in testing. We will update this number as more stores adopt Tallybox!

(Legally, we make no guarantee’s!)

Tallybox is truly exceptional and will always be at work, never need a break and will always be happy to help!

To see all the features of your Tallybox please click here.

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